I was born Serious about Improving the World...
...into a humble home, within a humble village, on a humble island, in the humble Caribbean...
I remain serious for the most part, because I don't think I've done enough. I've got an endless urge to build, to fix, to improve practically everything I come in contact with.

See, I was born an engineer. I remember pounding rocks to help my mom double the size of our house (plus add indoor plumbing) - all before I was 7. I've been a "master electrician" since toddler-age - personally extracting power from an outlet with a modified fork. Hint: don't do that - unless you want to literally fly across the room!

So what will I do tonight? Same thing I do every night, Pinky. Try and improve the world!

What follows is a recounting of the "Life" that's happening along the way...

One day, my mom went to America
and left me and my sister behind...
It wasn't too bad though,
thanks to the freedom I had to find, pick and eat all these fruits!
During these years, I learned to fish and explore the rain-forest, while working my butt off to be top of my class. I traded the number one spot with some really strong competitors... Joel, Mark, Gary: you guys rock!

Mommy was eventually able to knock two nickels together,
and used them to bring us to an out-door freezer (i.e. Boston)
I literally mean two nickels,
like from the bottles and cans we used to collect!
The transition was hard, but no worse than others experienced I'm sure. My family got by with some help from relatives and friends - and especially from the community at St. Stephen's Church. I was a happy participant in Young Life Boston - traveling to Lake Champion with other teens from around the country. I also traveled to the Appalachian Mountains as a church group volunteer - repairing homes.

I was a sportsman and class clown at Boston Tech HS
but always hit the books - and graduated as salutatorian
I flipped twice on this patch
when I learned of my scholarship to UMASS
The whole reason I was in these woods on the Cape (and all over MA for that matter) was because it took years for immigration to grant me a green card - and I refused to use non-existent funds to pay for college. My delay turned out to be nothing though, compared to the fate that my friend and valedictorian suffered in a dorm room at Harvard. I still miss you, Trang. You were the best, Shorty.

Well, I should probably finish up (for now). I met a wonderful southern girl at UMASS and we moved to Virginia to start a family. We have three star athletes and students, and are doing our best to raise them right. They love the snow though, so they brought me back to the out-door freezer!

Blue, 21. Red, 23. (crossing routes) Hut-Hut!

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