Temet Nosce

I'm not kidding when I say I code. I graduated from UMass with an Electrical Engineering degree. That's probably a good thing, since I think like an engineer: robust first, pretty never!

However, since before I graduated, I've been coding - back then it was in Fortran and C, but then I added Perl, PHP, VRML, HTML, SQL, XML... you name it!

(well, don't name COBOL, Python or Rails just yet :-)

CookieCommander was one of the first apps I wrote to save users from the cookies that early web browsers installed. They had no simple way to clear the cache, but eventually added the support and so CC went the way of the dodo bird. 

Then, when 3D worlds were in vogue, I built a first-person shopping cart plugin - with realistic steel bars in one iteration. That was going to be epic! Users could walk around and pick up toys or get paintings... really cool - and a lot of math!

Well, for a long time the Dot Com (and 3D) bubbles went away - and finding B2B customers became a challenge. No worries though... 

Another big problem came along that needed a solution: accurate web search. Websites were exploding into the billions and the search indices at the time were abysmal. So, I developed my own engine that used end-user preferences (in the form of their bookmarks) to pinpoint the more relevant websites.

Well, around the same time, Google was really taking off and it ended up owning the entire market. Heck, even I was sending business their way so that users could initially find pages to bookmark (at least until my site could reach critical mass)... 

Hey, you guys owe me! I'm talking to you, Google Ventures :-)

At some point, after doing some Enterprise development, I created a payment transaction gateway with an easy-to-install, custom module for Microsoft CRM. That was going to be sweet! Simply track products as usual and use my module to make immediate purchases - keeping track of everything within CRM.

Soon afterwards however, I sought guidance from God and He said, "Young man, no more transaction-based businesses." I take that type of direction very seriously, since God has a way of responding to prayers - like when he gave the kids their own pet robins after I refused...

So, that's pretty much me - a God fearing, family-loving, little-guy protecting, tough-problem solving, always innovating, engineer-minded c0d3r.

No one can tell me I'm a c0d3r... I just know I am - balls to bone.

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