Who can feel your pain?

I love this article by Margaret Carlson and all of her analogies. The best one I can add is to point out that President Obama was hired to be CEO, but ended up being Chairman of the Board. Take his economic team of wealthy academic economists. After the election, I'm certain he will re-feather the team with more of the same and then proceed to champion their every suggestion. Don't get me wrong. Their approach might eventually lower unemployment, but it’s not the type of "leadership" Americans identify with.

Obama seems content to analyze the options and then rely on others to execute the plan. Did he learn nothing from the Healthcare marathon? Whether or not the new law is good - based on months of earnest pre-analysis, he turned it over to Congress when the time came to write it. And we all know how popular Congress is. Maybe he's really into that separation of powers thing.

And why is Congress so disliked anyway? I submit it's because every time they feel pain, they give themselves a raise. And just when we kick them out of office - hoping to make them really feel it, they hook up with lobbying firms to make even more money schmoozing their old pals.

I noticed that in recent days Bill Clinton has taken on the job of saving Democrats this November. You see, he's feeling their pain and doing something about it. That’s what the country needs – someone to dive in and help individuals, recognizing that doing so will help the larger community.

So, yeah. I agree with Margaret. There's only one man in the country that can feel your pain. Eat well my friend and stay healthy as long as humanly possible!

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