The Big Bang Explained

(A continuing conversation from my Theory of Everything series of posts)

Whenever someone tells you that the universe was created in a Big Bang, ask them how they know it wasn't a big Boom or a small thwump for that matter. It's the age old question about the tree falling in the forest. Yes it makes a sound - though no one was there to hear it, unless it was a lone tree with nothing but empty space around it - and it just lay there suspended in mid-air until someone came along to hear it fall the rest of the way. Hmmm. What this points to is that nothing exists without context, and by defining the context of the tree to be surrounded by other trees - supported by obviously fertile ground (the definition of a forest), there must be something there to accept the falling energy and convert it into sound waves.

So, back to the question of the Big Bang. Was there a sound? Definitely. There were all sorts of waves - some undoubtedly in the sound spectrum, but since there was presumably nothing outside of the blast area for those waves to vibrate (and no us around to hear it) then we can safely say there was no sound as we know it.

Let's turn our attention to the question of whether the Big Bang started it all - i.e. the universe. My answer is absolutely - with the caveat, that there probably was a universe before it and an even wider extraverse outside of it that we cannot yet detect (and maybe never will). We know this because my Theory of Everything predicts it. Specifically, everything in the known universe behaves the same way - where tiny particles clump together, eventually getting so tight and compact that fusion occurs. Eventually the gravity sucks more material towards it - over billions of years. At some point things become unstable and a massive explosion happens - spewing matter everywhere and the process starts again. I think it's safe to say that if the universe is allowed to exist for trillions (or zillions) of years, then eventually all matter will (or already has at least one time) coalesce together and then explode in a Gigantic Big Bang.

Now, we might ask how did this happen? Did a supreme being (who told us to call Him God) do this? I for one say YES. Absolutely! Just because some people can't bring themselves to believe it doesn't mean it's not true. They don't understand how a super being can do things that take billions of years (because God has no personal concept of time). They don't have to believe - but that didn't stop the tree from falling. The Big Bang happened and we were put here 5 days later - whether or not someone heard a sound on that first day.

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