Clynton's Theory of Everything

The Laws:

I believe the following laws will explain everything in our universe - large and small. Read at your leisure - or better yet, come back here in 50 years to see that I was right - and forget about this stuff for now...

1. There exists in the universe a single force (one of attraction) that is adequately determined by Maxwell's Equations .

2. All matter/energy is made up of two infinitely small particles - one in orbit around the other in such a way that E = mc2 is always true.

3. The mathematical equation that ties the first two laws together will be in the form of a Mandelbrot Set in a form that is very similar to the Julia Set (with c=0.45+0.1428i for example).

From these Laws, I endeavor to address most of the great questions in our universe:

1. Black Holes

2. The Big Bang

3. A: The Higgs Boson and Other Tiny Particles

4. B: Gravitational Forces and the Relativity of Time Travel

5. Sound, Light and the Breaking of Speed-Barriers

6. Where did we come from and where are we going?

So, did I finally put into words what you've been thinking? Or are you diametrically opposed?

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