The Black Hole and Its Escape Artists

(A continuing conversation from my Theory of Everything series of posts)

Scientists have found jets of gamma radiation escaping from black holes, but this fact has not seemed to change the perception that "nothing can escape a black hole's gravity - not even light." The simple fact is that, as a physical object which happens to be extremely massive, a "black hole" is really a "hard, tightly-bound, non-shining star - with an extremely strong gravity." If we accept that the gravity is so strong that nothing will ever be able to escape, then that's actually an OK assumption. However, what we need to also understand is that, as a massive star, there exists the infinite probability that this massive star will have a magnetic field. As long as the magnetic field is oriented in the right direction, there will be an avenue for something that has a particular magnetic charge to escape.

Now the question becomes, is gravity uniformly strong around the entire surface of the black hole - or is it reduced enough along the poles to allow our gamma rays to escape. We know that the internal makeup of objects in space (including Earth) affect the strength of gravity throughout their surfaces, and we know from studies of Earth that there is definitely no specific uniformity in the gravitational strength. Furthermore, from my Theory of Everything, the particles that make up all matter-energy will interact with the "mass" and orbits of neighboring particles to create the condition of a non-uniform attractive force over the surface. One mechanism that can cause this type of north-south orientation is the addition of new material. As new stars, planets, asteroids, etc are consumed, they set the body of the black hole rotating (or increase the pitch of that rotation).

It is sensible to assume that a black hole will eventually orient its internal materials in such a way that it creates a singular magnetic South Pole and a corresponding North Pole. Perhaps the only material left within our massive star is energy in the form of gamma radiation and so that's what escapes. It is more likely that a wide array of energy exists, but only when its frequency matches the frequency we define as gamma radiation, is it perfectly suited to travel along the flux lines through the North and South Poles.

This explanation leads to the likelihood that the escaping energy will be in the form of a cone. In fact, as flux lines go, energy will eventually reach the edge of the cone and loop back to the other pole. However, we wont "see" this, because the very energy we might detect is gobbled back up by the black hole. If the escaping energy only has a single repelling "charge," it will mean that this energy has only one direction to escape the massive star - and eventually, enough energy will have escaped to render the overall gravity weak enough for other materials to escape. This assumes there are no new materials within capture distance to continue feeding the black hole. It is also possible that at this point, the entire system would become unstable and so we would actually have a massive explosion that expels all of the material - thus starting the star-formation process all over again.

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